Looking Through the ‘Oswald’ Window at the Assassination of JFK!

Peering through the telescopic sight of his rifle in the moments before the assassination of JFK, he sees what hundreds of people see that unforgettable day in Dealey Plaza.

This rare photo from the ‘Oswald’ window by author Dave O’Brien provides answers to questions that have haunted America for more than 50 years.

The young, vibrant President is flashing his famous toothy smile as he waves to the adoring crowd on his right.

The even more popular First Lady, adorned in her classic pink outfit and pillbox hat, returns the well wishes of those to her left.

In a matter of seconds, the motorcade would reach the end of the parade route, take the Stemmon’s Freeway ramp and rush President Kennedy to his luncheon speech at the Dallas Trade Mart.

“Mr. President, you can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you,” beams Nellie Connally, wife of Texas Governor John Connally as the limousine slowly approaches the triple underpass and the waiting highway ramp.

As if on cue, the man looking into the telescopic sight at the sixth-floor southeast corner window of the Texas School Book Depository Building doesn’t see his President…He sees his target!

With his victim acquired, he positions his right index finger, takes a final aim and pulls the trigger!

The loud report sends birds fleeing their perch on the huge Heinz clock atop the Book Depository Building. Time will be forever frozen at 12:30 p.m. CST.

The crowd is still unaware, but the President’s smile is replaced with a troubled look on his face as he instinctively brings both hands to his neck.

Only a few seconds later, the assassin reacquires his target and fires another shot.

Too pressed for time to worry about his result, he cocks the bolt of his rifle, locates his victim one final time in the cross hairs of his telescopic sight and pulls the trigger.

This time, he sees his success through the magnifying lens. The President’s head explodes in a bloody mist followed by the pink form of Mrs. Kennedy jumping out onto the trunk of the car to retrieve a piece of her husband’s skull.

‘Camelot’ came to Dallas and ended in tragedy.

As the scene erupts in chaos on the street below, the shooter pauses a second longer, smiles when he sees the Secret Service agent arriving too late to foil his plans…and then makes his escape down the staircase.


Does this accurately describe the actions of Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963?

History describes the JFK assassination this way, but what if history has been wrong for more than 50 years? Instead…

  • What if all the shots didn’t come from the so-called ‘Oswald’ window?
  • What if the first shot couldn’t have come from that infamous window?
  • Does the above scenario make sense if there was only one assassin?
  • How would other gunmen in Dealey Plaza change the above shooting sequence?
  • Was there a far better sniper’s nest for a lone assassin in Dealey Plaza?
  • Was Elm Street the best shooting option for a single sniper?
  • Was it really Oswald who fired from the Book Depository window? If not, who assassinated JFK?

These are among the many questions addressed from a unique vantage point in a book titled Through The ‘Oswald’ Window, released just weeks prior to thousands of JFK assassination files declassified by the National Archives.

Author Dave O’Brien is one of only few people ever granted access to the historic ‘Oswald’ window when the Book Depository Building was empty and sealed from the public.

He was able to look down into Dealey Plaza from the eyes of the actual assassin…and what he saw shocked him.

Not only does he provide answers to the intriguing questions above, O’Brien brings his more than 50 years of research, writing and seminars on the JFK assassination to Through The ‘Oswald’ Window.

The paperback and e-book editions cut through the maze of information and misinformation on the Internet and present a most troublesome JFK assassination conspiracy alliance.

Finally, a book about the assassination of JFK that answers the most haunting questions about America’s ultimate cold case!